No more passwords with clef

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No more passwords with clef

Here’s the problem, you’ve got a bunch of different passwords for a ton of different websites that you need to remember, and they’re often complicated with capital letters,  numbers and symbols… at least they should be.

As humans, we’re just that – human. We’re not all trained to remember random combinations so more often than not we choose weak passwords, or we just plain forget them.

So why not stop using passwords all together!?

Welcome to Clef a mobile app that uses your phone to sign you in without a keyboard. You can log in to any Clef-connected website in just one click, and best of all it’s incredibly secure. It uses 2 step authentication & asymmetric cryptography that would take forever and a day to crack. Best of all even if hackers did somehow manage to crack the Clef database, there’s not a single password to steal!

Watch this video for more information

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